Dental Care Service Flower Mound TX

Fillings On Your Teeth Restorations

Dental fillings are served for aesthetic or restorative purposes and preventive reasons. If your tooth is beginning to decay because of the development of harmful bacteria, it is essential to see an experienced dentist as soon as possible. 

The dentist will extract the affected part of the tooth clean the area, and finally give a filling to the tooth where the decay was. This is for the purpose of making the tooth healthier and reducing the chance of further decay occurring in the region. 

In some instances, dental fillings are also used to restore damaged chips, and cracked, chipped, or worn-out teeth. Patients from Flower Mound may visit a prominent dentist for dental fillings if they suffer from dental decay, tooth cavities, or tooth fracture.

The process of filling a dental cavity typically starts with the dentist administering local anesthetics to make the area numb. 

The dentist will then meticulously remove the dental decay using small drills and air-abrasives or laser therapy. 

The type of equipment used will depend on the patient’s level of comfort and the severity and location that the dental decay. 

After the elimination of decay, the dentist will utilize the dental probe to determine whether the decay is effectively removed.

After the removal of decay, The dentist prepares the tooth to be filled. This will require a thorough cleaning of the cavity to get rid of any trace of harmful bacteria or debris. 

If the tooth decay has occurred close to the tooth’s roots, the dentist will start by placing a liner of resin to shield the nerve. After the filling has been placed and the dentist has given the filling it’s final polishing, and finish to make it look more acceptable.

Dental fillings are typically offered in different materials, such as gold, porcelain, amalgam, and composite resin. 

Dental fillings that are colored with composite resin or porcelain are best suited for front teeth that are prominent from the outside. 

Gold is a durable and biocompatible material that can be used to fill the posterior teeth where the chewing and biting forces are extremely high. 

A skilled dental professional in Flower Mound will provide a couple of alternatives for dental fillings to their patients.